A BIM Execution Plan (BEP) is a framework that provides a roadmap for deploying building information modeling (BIM) technology and best practices on a project.

The plan delineates the roles and responsibilities of each party, the detail and scope of information to be shared, relevant business processes, and supporting software. The BEP will be revisited and updated at each design phase and at the onset of construction.

The benefits of using a BEP include:

– Faster deployment of BIM technology and best practices in your project

– More cost-effective use of BIM technology

– Increased coordination and communication between team members

– Reduced need for rework

– More accurate and timely information during construction

– Improved quality and safety on the job site

If you’re considering using a BIM Execution Plan on your next construction project, be sure to work with an experienced BIM consultant to help you create and implement the plan.

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