Why is coordination between all engineering disciplines so important?

Why is coordination between all engineering disciplines so important?

The implementation of BIM in construction has created an environment of coordination. In years past the design of a project was done in 2 dimensions and the coordination of the building systems was not as easily done. Engineers and design teams did as best as possible but a disclaimer was always on the first page of each section of a set of plans. That disclaimer was that the plans were diagrammatic only and it was the responsibility of the contractor to coordinate the system with the building conditions.

In a recent press release from McGraw-Hill dated October 11, 2012 it was stated that for the first time in history contractors (74%) were utilizing BIM tools more than Architects (70%) and the percentage of companies using BIM jumped to 71% in 2012 from 17% in 2007.

The industry has found that the coordination of the building systems before construction can drastically shorten the installation time which directly effects the construction duration. Industry studies show that 30% of construction costs are accredited to waste from cost over rides, time delays, and expensive change orders. By coordinating the building systems beforehand this greatly impacts this in a positive way.


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